Akiyo Recruitment

Akiyo recruitment is one of the new born to Akiyo family which is totally dedicated support Sri Lankans to find foreign job opportunities in hassle free environment.

Akiyo is in the process creating high net worth client base in this regard. Our key performance indicators are availability, affordability and flexibility

Currently, we have signed agreements with East Asian Countries (Japan, Hong Kong etc.), South East Asian Countries (Singapore, Malaysia etc), European Countries (Poland, Romaniya, Czech Republic, Cyprus etc.), Middle East Countries clients to supply Sri Lankans in Nursing, Care Givers, Technical and Domestic worker categories.

If you think, you possessfollowing skills, with minimum education qualification and are in 21-45 age categories, request you to send your CV today or upload the same online to register with us.

The skills required,

  • Accounting & finance
  • Information technology
  • Food processing
  • Travel & tourism
  • Customer services
  • Sales and marketing
  • Construction
  • Warehousing
  • Apparel
  • Health and science
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • Oil & gas
  • Agriculture and Farm Management
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronics
  • Cleaning services
  • Driving
  • Domestic services