Akiyo International Education Services

The origin of Akiyo is to open international avenues to local young talents in the field of education and technology in Japan. As a result of that, the Akiyo was able to form its international office year after its inception in Chiba Ken of Japan in 2009.

Japan is considered to be the most disciplined nation in the world right now, their technology and product quality are far superior to others. Innovation and creativity is their passion, hardworking is their culture.

One might ask the question, how they possess the kind of culture which is something unique to them. The secret is their education.

The compulsory education, integrated system of education, course modules, methods used, technology adopted, dedicated human pool make their people more knowledgeable, technically sound, methodically develop nation. It brings to the status of world demanding along with internationally accepted certification.

The cost of education is another factor for their development; it is so cheap, wherearithmetical calculation says an international student can save nearly 2/3 of cost if he or she selects the Japan as their education partner than western nations at today’s price.

Dear Sri Lankans, my fellow countrymen, if you all want to develop yourself with international certification, at low cost do not hesitate to select Japan as your first career development partner, and Australia and New-Zeeland as second in the list. Whoever you choose we support to make your dream come true.

Akiyo is there 24/7 to help you.